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Songs You Forgot You Loved
BEST and WORST Eurovision songs
Songs that hit different now
Normal Pop vs TikTok Pop #2
Lewis Lew
Lewis Lew Prije 20 sati
Your making fun of philippines I am proud to be a filipino
Rex Bacic
Rex Bacic Prije 20 sati
its so funny that someone said he lookes like a cat
Rania Laksamana
Rania Laksamana Prije 20 sati
Rania Laksamana
Rania Laksamana Prije 20 sati
Admit it yall the gummy bear song is our childhood and we practically sing it everyday lmaoooo
Calvin Thomas A.Villon
Calvin Thomas A.Villon Prije 20 sati
Wonder how big his closet is
TheLonelyguy_ Reactor
TheLonelyguy_ Reactor Prije 20 sati
We are never invaded World: really?
Rania Laksamana
Rania Laksamana Prije 20 sati
Actually songs these days are complete garbage
Rania Laksamana
Rania Laksamana Prije 20 sati
I must admit baby shark song is enternally stuck in my brain because my little cousin loooooove it and sings it everytime
Ace Adawan
Ace Adawan Prije 20 sati
i got 68% :0
Rania Laksamana
Rania Laksamana Prije 20 sati
How come lady gaga’s song romance is annoying😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 its so good
Rania Laksamana
Rania Laksamana Prije 20 sati
Rania Laksamana
Rania Laksamana Prije 20 sati
Macarena is a pegend song
Rania Laksamana
Rania Laksamana Prije 20 sati
Bad romance*
Mimes Prije 20 sati
What about weird Al originals?
Demønß ML
Demønß ML Prije 20 sati
Michael Jackson is all time my favourite and he will always be But xxxtentacion I feel very sad for him Coz he died so early Rip to both the legends
Old Mate
Old Mate Prije 20 sati
OMFG where is foil?????? cant do a comparison without his greatest song!!!
GalaxyGabbi Prije 20 sati
I really wish they did RAIGN’s cover of Knocking on Heavens Door. Nothing against Guns n Roses, I just really love that cover!
Michael Jackson Freddie Mercury King vs Queen
Mubeen Shehryar
Mubeen Shehryar Prije 20 sati
He looks so much like Steve-O in the thumbnail
Palta Manoj
Palta Manoj Prije 20 sati
its nail horan
Anusmita Chattaraj
Anusmita Chattaraj Prije 20 sati
I think there should be an impercial judge for giving points. ( If there is any spelling mistake plz don't mind 😌)
Leonid Zabolotin
Leonid Zabolotin Prije 20 sati
Nice video Elon Musk.
Scott Mcdougall
Scott Mcdougall Prije 21 sat
aaaaaaaaaa Prije 21 sat
thanks for rating my country anthem “australia” 9.5/11 and i agree that my anthem is best!
Arjun Sridhar
Arjun Sridhar Prije 21 sat
11:55 is soo funny(and what he says in the video not Joel it’s the guy is not right)
Mani Dhingra
Mani Dhingra Prije 21 sat
1:55 "I used to rule the world"
Gary Gillett
Gary Gillett Prije 21 sat
You ALMOST got the throat thing. It's gotta be a bit lower in placement, and if you DO sing, use the diaphragmatic breathing to aid. Your sax is more of a harmonica sound; develop that. Use the tongue in the back of the throat for the robot; that's what he didn't describe. ;) The long sound is not using air from his lungs at the same rate as speech. He's also got a slight access to the pharynx, which aids the lower tones (Tuvan-style) It's all placement, and I DID learn a new one to add to my own vocal vocab from playing with one of the sounds, which I never heard come out of me, before. And I teach sounds, voice acting and accents for a living. Never too old to learn! ;) Keep at it, and good luck!
AQuirkyPodcast Prije 21 sat
What abt jhud
Kalisto Basliy
Kalisto Basliy Prije 21 sat
this is a bit insulting talking while the national anthem is playing
Eja Prije 21 sat
and yeah, Not so Fun fact : Kurt himself hated Smells Like Teens Spirit.
Novelty.L Nonglait
Novelty.L Nonglait Prije 21 sat
I don't gave a damn
Lukaa Prije 21 sat
All The Weeknd songs are FIRE
Jeasen Jimble
Jeasen Jimble Prije 21 sat
Dudes, You talk to much...
S8 39 Niranjan Kulkarni
S8 39 Niranjan Kulkarni Prije 21 sat
Him: Gives 3.5 to India. Indian's: So you have chosen dislikes.
Scarlett Guido
Scarlett Guido Prije 21 sat
Me being 11 and knowing almost all the songs: 👁👄👁
Pitrochied Plays
Pitrochied Plays Prije 21 sat
The face costed a sub..🤣
Zachery Wright
Zachery Wright Prije 21 sat
PCD !!!
Vernon Schaal
Vernon Schaal Prije 21 sat
This isn't new its called back masking and they been doing it since the 70's rock music
Original_ Animations
Original_ Animations Prije 22 sati
Mother's from the Philippines, and my father Australian, yet never heard the anthem before.
test 3
test 3 Prije 22 sati
Youngblood using auto tune.. MGK.. singing without tuning.. nice.
GippyHappy Prije 22 sati
Me: "You know I haven't watched roomie in a few years, I wonder what he's up to these days- I should get back into his channel" Roomie: _"Bye"_
evil_befall Prije 22 sati
master vomit
master vomit Prije 22 sati
I'm the latest man alive haha i'm just comment right now and i'm see this vid when it first came out so i'm still the latest person to comment
Lacoste1212Blanc 1212
Lacoste1212Blanc 1212 Prije 22 sati
How old are you ???
Aaryan Pillai
Aaryan Pillai Prije 22 sati
Michelle Brouwer
Michelle Brouwer Prije 22 sati
Loved the video, but isnt it their job to sing and do it live? Or is it just me thinking that way? 😅
Luca Martins
Luca Martins Prije 22 sati
T.N.K.THANAKRIT Prije 22 sati
Dante Chichizola
Dante Chichizola Prije 22 sati
S-POP BEGINNING! SWEDISH POP! SPREAD THE WORD!(Dante’s Son wrote this comment)
Aaraf Sharita
Aaraf Sharita Prije 22 sati
Funny thing is I am actually watching this on a Friday
RLV_TD Prije 22 sati
10:32 goosebumps 😍
Tamani Labaibure
Tamani Labaibure Prije 22 sati
That indian song got famous for it's poor effects editing
Sinfroso De guzman
Sinfroso De guzman Prije 22 sati
Tamani Labaibure
Tamani Labaibure Prije 22 sati
Isnt that swae lee?
HazzaLegoLover Prije 23 sati
2:58, I only know that song because of shrek, also I'm a bit dissapointed that you didn't have Queen they have been around for 50 years
The Viral Tuber
The Viral Tuber Prije 23 sati
Wait idk if its only me but koreans look too girly...sorry if i sound offensive...they are cute though
Heart Cross Hashtag
Heart Cross Hashtag Prije 23 sati
Roomie : I really can't understand what they are singing . I am not familiar to korean. Me : Dude the lyrics they are singing are in English . 😑😂😂😂😂
aryan gore
aryan gore Prije 23 sati
This sucks
Grab That Free Stuff
Grab That Free Stuff Prije 23 sati
No link to part one in the description. Lazy, you are.
Nilay Didolkar
Nilay Didolkar Prije 23 sati
6:14 Cmonn he looks like Pewds, just say it.
Mr. Brothy Bear
Mr. Brothy Bear Prije 23 sati
Roomie repeatedly dunking on the Judge was amazing
Nguyên Phuong
Nguyên Phuong Prije 23 sati
Tanha Akter
Tanha Akter Prije 23 sati
It's hard 2 believe he know kpop. He only know few songs from bts and bp not even all
Limise Valtyn
Limise Valtyn Prije 23 sati
First of all I'm an army so...😖🤬😡😡unsubscribe
Jana Farshoukh
Jana Farshoukh Prije 23 sati
Also Five Fingaz to the Face by the Victorious cast sounds like the Birthday rap, its really the first thing that came to mind.
Sara Bh.
Sara Bh. Prije 23 sati
you are better then Jfla
Maryam Baig
Maryam Baig Prije 20 sati
Fahim Ome
Fahim Ome Prije 23 sati
Who the hell are you to judge
Manju Rana
Manju Rana Prije 23 sati
3:57 get Rick rolled ;)
AweD Prije 23 sati
I miss him
Zakia Pirzada
Zakia Pirzada Prije dan
Is it just me who thinks that sunshine by Liam sounds similar to Levitating by Dua???
Xavier Prije dan
Yes......that heavy autotune in their songs pisses me off.....
BloodAlpha Prije dan
500 miles is an anthen
Andrew Amarante
Andrew Amarante Prije dan
tagal naman ng "soon" mo roomie
little d
little d Prije dan
Thank god queen is still relevant to save rock music for me
Fire playz
Fire playz Prije dan
To us
Fire playz
Fire playz Prije dan
Philippines say 100/10
Zack Miller
Zack Miller Prije dan
Beat it has an iconic guitar solo, iconic music video, and iconic choreography, Beat it wins, and Thriller easily beats we will rock you easily, don’t need to rompe the other Queen song Billie Jean is literally one of the most iconic songs of all time, everybody knows it, and everybody associates a legendary dance move to it, As of which song is the better song well that’s up to an individual, however Michael Jackson is waayyyyyy too iconic to truly ne compared too, but when it comes to success it’s fair,
Fire playz
Fire playz Prije dan
Your mean roomie im a filipino and i respect marl
Xavier Prije dan
Fav long - Mj Fast short - XXXT
WiseDuck. Prije dan
Kid: I can sing!! Judges: i want to see you sing. Kid: MY ROBLOX BF DUMP ME 😥 Judge: G O L D E N B U Z Z E R
Thomas DeWitt
Thomas DeWitt Prije dan
Juice Wrld?
Tomiwa Aina
Tomiwa Aina Prije dan
Where are you getting the most critically acclaimed songs? Is it most critically acclaimed single with a music video? Cuz All too Well is hands down Taylors most critically acclaimed song
Aditya Sinha
Aditya Sinha Prije dan
13:34 gong yoo the train to Busan main
Square one parity
Square one parity Prije dan
hey do this again but now i bet laroi is gonna be smothered all over the top 20