Songwriter Ranks the 2021 Eurovision Songs

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Songwriter Ranks the 2021 Eurovision Songs

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Min Prije 7 sati
Damn roomie you got some enemies after this video for sure
Eleonora Andreani
Eleonora Andreani Prije 8 sati
(DISCLAIMER I'M NOT A NATIVE SPEAKER SO I'M SORRY FOR ANY EVENTUAL MISTAKE IN MY GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY) for all the people in the comments: We are obviously all different people with different interests and different opinions, so obviously your not going to agree with everything he says, BUT, that is not a valid reason to hate on him, like c'mon, all he did was express his opinion about Eurovision's songs, so like, just calm down-- I desagree on many things that he said as well but you don't see me hating on him-- so just, if you want to say that you disagree with him that fine but please be respectful, because he really just said what he things about some songs--
Luca Martins
Luca Martins Prije 22 sati
Ivailo Chonov
Ivailo Chonov Prije 2 dana
I'm from Bulgaria 🇧🇬
Eline Defaux
Eline Defaux Prije 2 dana
This years eurovison the live performances were equally as good for a lot off them
Daisan Asf
Daisan Asf Prije 2 dana
I can tell as a musician this guy knows nothing about music
Jemina Misinow
Jemina Misinow Prije 3 dana
mmmmmmm maybe you ruin everything with this video, anyway Italy wins :P but is sad you didn't like ukraine song
Luvitzs Prije 3 dana
Roomie: that felt very Eurovision to me Also Roomie: *proceeds to give it a Low score* LIKE WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM A EUROVISION SONG? A
Reflex Prije 3 dana
why does everyone outside of Europe think that we are all russian and only make music like tri poloski or something???😂
Okta Reyna
Okta Reyna Prije 3 dana
This guy is always annoying lol
Dami 7i
Dami 7i Prije 4 dana
what is wrong with you !! Gjon and Dady are just 10 / 10 !!! pffff
HyperDrive Prije 4 dana
When roomie says that GO_A SHUM is bad *Me un-subscribes*
Luca Stuca
Luca Stuca Prije 4 dana
Maneskin won because they are gay.... and gender theory. No other reason.
Welp. That's Noah
Welp. That's Noah Prije 4 dana
as a lithuanian i feel offended by the rating
Haositus_27 Prije 5 dana
Ptsh.... Would you like some pizza, senjores? 😂🍕 ROCK N ROLL NEVER DIES! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻 No hate, im not Italian, im russian, but maneskin's performens better then our
israel screwface
israel screwface Prije 5 dana
everyones just mad that he gave his opinion and it isn't theirs
sincitybg Prije 6 dana
that vocal style (singer from Ukraina) that you find annoying is part of cultural inheritance , that style is often use in many other countries : Bulgaria,Moldova,Romania, Serbia,Rusaia,Poland,Belorussia...etc , often use in most of Bregovic songs and....why should even bother to explain
Jolanda Bennaars
Jolanda Bennaars Prije 7 dana
Finland is saying to kids do drugs and drink so it is a 6
Utente Medio
Utente Medio Prije 8 dana
Ukraine song is one of the best, with Italy and Finland. The voice remind a celtic song, and the electric part was great. Go out of your bobble
Turko Prije 8 dana
Roomie: looks like France will win Back at Eurovision: and the winner is ITALY
Maousse Prije 8 dana
Tell me you're American without telling me you're American
patatoula Prije 9 dana
If you disrespect Iceland or Ukraine again I will eat your toes
Roni Fenech
Roni Fenech Prije 9 dana
Roomie: I don’t like shum Me (an Aussie): I took that fk-n personally
yotam rec
yotam rec Prije 9 dana
Rommie while watching San-Marino: "this is what people think Europe is" me: "you know that Flo Rida is in there"
BUBLOX Prije 10 dana
BUBLOX Prije 10 dana
You should not judje Ukrane because in Europe this is tipical and its traditonal in Ukrane
silverstitch28 Prije 11 dana
I agree with some of these comments. How to be subtly racist and show favouritism to the americanised tunes.
Nadia Kwaramba
Nadia Kwaramba Prije 11 dana
Ok but how does someone NOT like SHUM?! It was amazing! And I loved Fallen Angel. I liked Voilà a lot. And Tout l’univers was my favourite. My opinions btw. 💙
Dunja Prije 11 dana
This is ✨shit✨
Kathryn Palmer
Kathryn Palmer Prije 12 dana
Joel: *listens to maneskin* yeah wow this really stands out from from other ones. Also Joel: I give it a 7. 'Logic'
Obelisk2077 Prije 13 dana
I think Finland was the best
Darshani Kumarihami
Darshani Kumarihami Prije 13 dana
Tbh 😂 Maneskin was #1. For me #2 is swedish guy
Acke Prije 14 dana
Melle Redeker
Melle Redeker Prije 14 dana
I totally agree with your number 1
Gutsu sama
Gutsu sama Prije 15 dana
13:03 "she looks so french" . well she is not french . she is part serbian and part persian (iran)
knockout Prije 15 dana
Finland was really good ok
Ciubie Prije 15 dana
12:12 you are boring with aoutotune like what a singer just leave youtoobe
Laya Prije 17 dana
i love russia
Sia Nilsson-Stiernströmer
Sia Nilsson-Stiernströmer Prije 17 dana
Me a swidish girl when i see tusse:TUSSEEEEEEEEEE💜💜💜💜💜💜❤️ :P
IFsoguYT Prije 17 dana
Greek Lady Gaga
𝕬'𝖒𝖆 𝕭𝖔𝖙✓
𝕬'𝖒𝖆 𝕭𝖔𝖙✓ Prije 18 dana
Sorry, but you is bad jourry :(
Kyra Prije 18 dana
i dont understand how the title of the video says 'songwriter' but from what i can see roomie is mainly judging vocals
-*Pachihax*- Prije 19 dana
8:26 i feel like i just lost braincells... Has he seen what is 50% of EU looks like?!?! And u cant judge the whole EU whitout knowing what it is mate
evathecat Prije 19 dana
He says the vocal style is annoying? Its just her voice. Leave her alone. Your is too sometimes. We all can't be perfect.
It’s FM
It’s FM Prije 19 dana
The video to the Norwegian song Fallen Angel is based of Tix’s (the artist)’s childhood. He was bullied growing up because he has Tourette’s. So the video is based off that. And when he was live he also took off his glasses, showing his eyes ticking.
Hubba plays
Hubba plays Prije 19 dana
4:03 😳😳😳
Efin Prije 19 dana
Hey people, quick reminder not to be a jerk. His taste may be a bit different but it doesn’t mean you need to be rude! :) have a nice day
Daniel Pejic
Daniel Pejic Prije 19 dana
As an European Eurovision is garbage
Saxx Prije 20 dana
I like how he was moaning about voices and choices when they literally rhymed rain with rain
Reet Autora
Reet Autora Prije 20 dana
excuse me u gave 7 for maneskin???? eXcUsE mE
ciao gamer
ciao gamer Prije 20 dana
Adrenalina is italian
strawberry _ cow
strawberry _ cow Prije 21 dan
Lithuania gave off planet fitness vibes
ClashFilms Prije 21 dan
Heavy metal is huge in Finland so…
Justice Prije 21 dan
It's kinda sad seeing how here songs are graded by how much they sound like generic pop songs (mainly with more American style). And the songs that are performed not only with the native language of the country but the style of it's folk songs are graded badly and seen as not good enough and strange. No wonder why countries like Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Latvia, Lithuania and many more started singing in English. It's only the American style of songs that gets popular and has bigger chances of winning anyway.
Fox Inc.
Fox Inc. Prije 22 dana
Damm Ukraine got disrespected, i know im just irish but i really enjoyed it
caranaar Prije 23 dana
Disliked for saying the Ukrainian one was the worst so far. Terrible reaction, 0/10. Edit: Yeah, he's terrible. He literally only likes the American-sounding songs (while saying he doesn't want American sounding songs), and he only wants to hear Pop songs, judging a song by whether or not it's pop, not by how good it is. Idk how he is a songwriter.
aadrian Prije 23 dana
why did u skip romania tho
Colin Crossed
Colin Crossed Prije 24 dana
I am American but my heritage is from Italy and I just have to say Maneskin was amazing.
Mazaya Shah
Mazaya Shah Prije 24 dana
BRO EUROVISION I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Lol Finland's song fits them. I loooooooooove Icelands song and video
paola Prije 24 dana
zero taste
RodrigoFan Prije 24 dana
I think Finland was the best 🇫🇮 (From 🇳🇱🇬🇷)
Yoshi player3
Yoshi player3 Prije 25 dana
hue hue
hue hue Prije 25 dana
clicked on this video and expected him to praise italy, finland or ukraine. was v disappointed.
L.E. Prije 25 dana
The sad thing is, He didn't react to germany
Shit Head
Shit Head Prije 25 dana
I see a lot of comments of people saying roomie has a bland music taste and that he should stop only liking American songs but how can we blame him? That's literally the only thing that gets popular nowadays. Also just because someone doesn't share the same taste as you doesn't mean they have a bland taste or that they don't have any at all, it just means that their taste is different. I should point out that I'm talking about the people who insulted him, not the ones who tried to inform him about European folklore !
BunnyIcecream Prije 25 dana
Yo why they put that song for Ukraine and not monatik!
Pugak Prije 26 dana
everyone hates opinions 😂 better grab popcorn 🤣
Lara Ferreiro
Lara Ferreiro Prije 26 dana
Where is Portugal
IRISM Prije 26 dana
at 4:42 I said "it gives me lady gaga vibes" and roomie said it at the exact same time
Georgie Prije 26 dana
bulgaria just really wanted to be billie eilish
An Account
An Account Prije 27 dana
As an Italian, i'm really proud but I dont really like the song hahs
Thor mollet
Thor mollet Prije 27 dana
Grece and sweden are the best of all
Maiju Peltola
Maiju Peltola Prije 27 dana
Switserland is the best. Why 7😭
wika ela
wika ela Prije 28 dana
I never knew who actually enjoyed those bland ass basic English songs at Eurovision so much… well 💀
Dorina Summer
Dorina Summer Prije 28 dana
This dude makes me so mad like i listened to his song and it's so bad😂 And he talks about these songs like he's the shit he really isn't😂
The Campervan Fishermen
The Campervan Fishermen Prije 28 dana
Ukraine 🇺🇦 easy 9.5
Mario Amariei
Mario Amariei Prije 28 dana
You forgot a lot of songs
Cindy Wang
Cindy Wang Prije 29 dana
why do people just misinterpret what he's saying and just take it as he hates european culture and likes everything generic. he gave specific reasons of his opinions and it's legit for me even though i disagree with a lot of things he said. geez, so many people are over-sensitive these days, it's absurd.
Wiilbur Prije 28 dana
good take
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man Prije mjesec
Wow. A lot of people really hate America lol.
Jojo Elio
Jojo Elio Prije mjesec
Ukraine gang even up the like-dislike ratio. We can do it. 😂
Mila Heng
Mila Heng Prije mjesec
Im from Finland
mate brawl stars
mate brawl stars Prije mjesec
4:40 omg yes it sounds like alejandro
mate brawl stars
mate brawl stars Prije mjesec
react to jesc 2020 belarus kazakhstan georgia killed it!!!! and georgia's singer is only 10
Kinga Kinga
Kinga Kinga Prije mjesec
Maneskin is the best ever
Juan Diego Alván
Juan Diego Alván Prije mjesec
Måneskin was and is just superior
Wilfred Axelsson
Wilfred Axelsson Prije mjesec
It sounds like Italy is singing "Så man får inte kasta!", which means "So you can't throw". Like if you are Swedish
- x ʙʟxꜱꜱᴏᴍx -
- x ʙʟxꜱꜱᴏᴍx - Prije mjesec
14:17 Thats a ZERO for me
Karol K Montage
Karol K Montage Prije mjesec
In Cyprus in chours I can hear something close to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance XDDD
Luke Primmer
Luke Primmer Prije mjesec
Unsubscribing from the stuck up Americanised Europeans channel 😂
Matt J
Matt J Prije mjesec
"I don't believe in European taste." Says the European.
Francy b
Francy b Prije mjesec
I mean since you are a songwriter you could’ve looked up the lyrics and translations to the songs not written in English
_.kokovikas._. george._
_.kokovikas._. george._ Prije mjesec
Ukrain was one of the best pls understand urself
Marco Piancatelli
Marco Piancatelli Prije mjesec
Hope you didn't bet your money
Harley Dacanay
Harley Dacanay Prije mjesec
why is everybody mad, its his opinion and what is the point of this personal reaction video if other get to say something about his opinion, yes, roomie must educate himself about consideration regarding culture and tradition related stuff in european countries, but we need also to educate ourselves to create a peaceful atmosphere for our and other's opinions, if we hate one's opinion, then leave it
Soniacc UnU
Soniacc UnU Prije mjesec
I really lost all respect for him when he said Ukraine’s song wasn’t smooth Bro it’s our culture and we sing like that. It’s not American pop. Get used to it.
Edward Chen
Edward Chen Prije mjesec
knowing he's a justin beiber fan, i'm totally not surprised by your choice lack of aesthetics appreciation
Sharandeep Bose
Sharandeep Bose Prije mjesec
LITERALLY, the first thought that came to mind when I heard El Diablo was "its very LADY GAGA vibes"
Rojus Emilis
Rojus Emilis Prije mjesec
Fun fact: In LIVE eurovision the only sound that happens on stage is the singing the drums are pre-recorded
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