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Listen to Lil Pitchy's new song "Just for You":


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Damn Everything hurts *starts beatboxing*
Damn Everything hurts *starts beatboxing* Prije 13 sati
me when Joel didn't put Sing: *my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*
Devansh M. Desai
Devansh M. Desai Prije dan
Very surprised that Lorde's "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" from "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" wasn't included. That song really blasts. 🔥🔥🔥
Eric Shillaker
Eric Shillaker Prije 2 dana
The best soundtrack song is You Know My Name by Chris Cornell Change my mind
Suzanne Richardson
Suzanne Richardson Prije 4 dana
I approve of your winning songs, but I disagree with you about Bond songs. Skyfall and Live and Let Die are great soundtrack songs. They work perfectly with a Bond movie.
AvviDs TTV
AvviDs TTV Prije 5 dana
im sorry but talking any trash about see u again is cooked.
Aleen Qureshi
Aleen Qureshi Prije 5 dana
Am i the only one who was waiting for "Photograph" by Ed from "Me Before You" ??? Yeah probably 😭😂
Marta Silveira
Marta Silveira Prije 8 dana
What about Shrek?
Gwen Collignon
Gwen Collignon Prije 9 dana
As a cinema employee I'm very glad they put great songs at the end of movies while I'm cleaning
Emma Prije 11 dana
Lol roomie and seven dwarfs
Yoko Kurama
Yoko Kurama Prije 11 dana
I really like all the stars and I heard roomie say it didn't age well in another vid so when he was jamming I was like yay
Tin Smoljak
Tin Smoljak Prije 11 dana
Who agrees that Joel should have put stayin alive with happy death day it fits very good
Zen1thGam1ng Prije 12 dana
All the stars wasn't even in the credits
Hitesh Sharma
Hitesh Sharma Prije 12 dana
How can you forget the awesome soundtracks by Sia. To be human from Wonderwoman, California Dreamin' from San Andreas, Original from Dolittle.
Zafran Amir Zainal Abidin
Zafran Amir Zainal Abidin Prije 14 dana
Roomieofficial should react to tron legacy's soundtrack as well...since he likes electric music
Lindsey SmallPony
Lindsey SmallPony Prije 17 dana
Him: idk of anyone has even seen this.(trolls song cant stop the feeling) Troll fans/me:gasp*OH NOOO
Tanner Harris
Tanner Harris Prije 17 dana
This isn't really fair to the soundtracks. You're judging the soundtracks of movies A) you have not seen (The Graduate), B) based on edits of scenes that the original soundtrack did not accompany (every single soundtrack shown in the video) and C) that you apparently don't understand the meaning behind and cannot appreciate (I See Fire).
Biippa Prije 18 dana
"This movie doesn't look real, it looks like a Parody." My friend, welcome to Westerns.
Lingmann07 Prije 18 dana
Am I the only one who in the titanic hears that the hotdogs go on
mikanjjj Prije 19 dana
I’ve seen Titanic so many times and listened to my heart will go on numerous times. Such a classic
Richa rice
Richa rice Prije 19 dana
Why does roomie remind me of Jughead from it just me???
everywhere cat
everywhere cat Prije 19 dana
500 days of summer have the best movie soundtrack for me. because im a hipster
Pizofsoda Prije 21 dan
Eyeeeee.... Of the tiger
The_neighbors_kid Prije 22 dana
POV: You are rewatching Joel old videos because you miss him. Edit: Can't wait to till you come back Joel
Avry Harper
Avry Harper Prije 23 dana
5:22 (do you hear the woman say "the hotdogs go onnnnnn?)
Ivana T
Ivana T Prije 23 dana
I would choose different song for Top Gun (Berlin - Take my breath away) and Hunger Games (Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat) but still nice range of movies! Can't but agree with the top 2
Primrose M.
Primrose M. Prije 24 dana
Safe and Sound fits the vibe of the movie so well
Mammas Profils
Mammas Profils Prije 25 dana
I See Fire is probably the most beautiful Ed Sheeran’s song, prove me wrong
Shaliek Prije 26 dana
Not me just noticing the fish guns 😂
Im Heilig Trained
Im Heilig Trained Prije 26 dana
The song fits into fast and furious at where it they put it on the move not where the video u seen had it
RUNCH M S J Prije 26 dana
Skyfall are good for vampire, dark love story stuff from books
featuredflame48 Prije 29 dana
Did everyone forget Venom. Like I really like that sound track and if we can be real here Eye Of The Tiger is 9.5, and Lose Your Self is easily 11/10
BeoulveBliss11 Prije mjesec
I haven't seen or read any of the lord of the rings movies or books but musically, I love I see fire. The lyrics just kind of tells you the story by itself and that guitar riff is just juicy. Joel,🖕
BeoulveBliss11 Prije mjesec
I do not understand joel's judgement on I see fire
Abel_. Tesfaye
Abel_. Tesfaye Prije mjesec
the weeknd earned it from fifthy shades of grey and the weeknd pray for me from black panther
Callie Francessa
Callie Francessa Prije mjesec
omg skyfall was one of the songs i did in my marching band show we did a james bond theme
Palesa and Prince KK
Palesa and Prince KK Prije mjesec
he was not just l actor
Anju Thapa
Anju Thapa Prije mjesec
Please give Titanic 9 at least , cause this song is really good
Froggatora Prije mjesec
Hobbit let's gooooooooo
Georgia Brennan
Georgia Brennan Prije mjesec
The Weeknd and Kendrick Lamar’s Pray for me was a better soundtrack for Black Panther
Vani Vanitha
Vani Vanitha Prije mjesec
This is a gun not a fish
Alexis Biles
Alexis Biles Prije mjesec
Joel the movie: Me: yes please!!
Matylda Stuhr
Matylda Stuhr Prije mjesec
I think that most of this songs actually not The soudtrack of this movies but songs that promoted this movies
NTD Gaming
NTD Gaming Prije mjesec
i like i see fire the most
Gesine General
Gesine General Prije mjesec
I see Fire is the best. 10000000 points
Miz Lunaa
Miz Lunaa Prije mjesec
i love lil pitchy. u sound so great!
Sehaj Gosal
Sehaj Gosal Prije mjesec
R.I.P. Paul Walker
LoveYaoi Prije mjesec
You gotta love titanic, one of my favorites💖
anonimo anonimato
anonimo anonimato Prije mjesec
you should have put in "Strawberries and Cigarettes" by Troye Sivan, sound track of "Love, Simon". It is Incredible, i love it!
ThisIsACrappyUsername Prije mjesec
"They just become background music" ....isn't that what movie music is supposed to do? 👁️👄👁️
Depressed Cube
Depressed Cube Prije mjesec
Joel: *emotionally listening to My Heart Will Go On* Me: “the hot dogs go on lol”
McKenna Schaller
McKenna Schaller Prije mjesec
I've seen Trolls many times and have to disagree because I thought they integrated Can't Stop This Feeling into the movie well. Justin was one of the characters and it ties into the plot well. Lovely video, just disagree there. :)
James OConnor
James OConnor Prije mjesec
I need a hero from johnny five who remembers that lol add it
The Animal Boi
The Animal Boi Prije mjesec
Miss you. Hope you come back soon.
Marzoo01 Prije mjesec
i’m fucking stupid i really thought james bond was shooting with a fish at first lol
Nandhu Satheesh
Nandhu Satheesh Prije mjesec
Was waiting for let it go 🥲. Bt NVR hpned
Molly Maria Solberg Dudek
Molly Maria Solberg Dudek Prije mjesec
Can you pleas react to x ambassadors
Faye Ertje
Faye Ertje Prije mjesec
i'm very dissapointed that the good the bad and the ugky wasn't there
Joe Saptouw
Joe Saptouw Prije mjesec
Jesus loves you so so much and he died for you so we can be forgiven and go to Heaven with God if you accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior so repent from your sins. God bless you🙏🏼
Joe Saptouw
Joe Saptouw Prije mjesec
Jesus loves you so so much and he died for you so we can be forgiven and go to Heaven with God if you accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior so repent from your sins.Have a great day 🙏🏼
Prince Denkichu
Prince Denkichu Prije mjesec
not a pop group but Queen wrote the soundtrack for Flash Gordon and some of the soundtrack for the 1986 movie Highlander
Holly McHugh
Holly McHugh Prije mjesec
What about I will always luv u the bodyguard
Lance Schmidt
Lance Schmidt Prije mjesec
So many movies/artists missing with songs incorporated in the movie.... Flashdance - What A Feeling - Irene Cara, Footloose - Footloose - Kenny Loggins, 9 to 5 - 9 to 5 - Dolly Parton, Dancer In The Dark - I've Seen It All - Bjork. And countless others I could list. Thinking further about this, i realize that unless the youtube vid was as long as a full feature film or even longer, you couldn't possibly rate them all.
Tom Tom
Tom Tom Prije mjesec
Crazier by taylor swift HANNA MONTANA MOVIE. is the best movie soundtrack for me but you didn't put it on the list
captain Doc
captain Doc Prije mjesec
Bru where the dude looks like a lady from mrs doubtfire
Izzy Cook
Izzy Cook Prije mjesec
What abt free Willy MJ will you be there what?!?!?
Frits De Jong
Frits De Jong Prije mjesec
I see fire is my nr1 most listened song on spotify :)
Metal Monkey
Metal Monkey Prije mjesec
5:19 I can't unhear "I believe that the HOT DOGS go on" (from Peter Kay - Misheard Lyrics) Stayin' Alive 8/10? That's probably the most important song of all time. The "ha ha ha ha" part is the exact rhythm you need for CPR
Metal Monkey
Metal Monkey Prije mjesec
Ethan Winters from Resident Evil Village always reminds me of Joel, that raspy voice that Joel does. Ethan says a lot more stupid stuff than Joel though!!!
Unicorn Dazzle
Unicorn Dazzle Prije mjesec
With the shallow one I can do that perfectly
Emiliano Sánchez
Emiliano Sánchez Prije mjesec
Live and let die may not be a good soundtrack song in 007 but is amazing in Shrek
Ayesha Tarannum
Ayesha Tarannum Prije mjesec
Comeback rommie
Leah Parry
Leah Parry Prije 2 mjeseci
An interesting one to discuss is 'Kiss from a Rose' by Seal for the Batman Forever movie. Seal himself didn't like the song and it can be forgettable; however, for anyone that has watched the movie, the song is immediately recognisable and fits the feel of the movie extraordinarily.
Rayaan Firdaus Irani
Rayaan Firdaus Irani Prije 2 mjeseci
everyone: walks away from the computer with headphones still plugged in *gets whiplash* roomie:
CoderBunny Prije 2 mjeseci
Joel: "Was this in the movie?" Me: **silence** Joel: "I don't think so either"
Fox twilight 12
Fox twilight 12 Prije 2 mjeseci
I like how Joel puts a fish to censor the pistol lol
Axolotlking54 Prije 2 mjeseci
@5:22 am i the only one who hears hot dogs?
Nithya Sathyanarayanan
Nithya Sathyanarayanan Prije 2 mjeseci
Just different opinions, I guess, but I think that Eye of the Tiger and I See Fire should have switched ranks
Carol Prije 2 mjeseci
He's not pop, but You Know My Name by Chris Cornell for Casino Royal. Perfection..
DRAGNFLY Prije 2 mjeseci
Brb, off to pirate myself a copy of "Roomie and the Seven Dwarves"
Joby Hill
Joby Hill Prije 2 mjeseci
they or he forgot Aerosmith from Armageddon best song ever for movie 10/10
elive Rese
elive Rese Prije 2 mjeseci
The end of the f**** world Soundtrack goes well with the whole vide of the movie
Xuhao Su
Xuhao Su Prije 2 mjeseci
May I mention Then You Look At Me by Celine Dion for the movie Bicentennial Man. It’s such an extension to the plot itself and awesome song alone. Another great one is Tear Up This Town by Keane for A Monster Calls.
Slime Sophie
Slime Sophie Prije 2 mjeseci
Rommie: I don't know if anyones seen this Trolls literally BLOWS UP EVERYWHERE
Asif Khan
Asif Khan Prije 2 mjeseci
Skyfall is great, you are not lol kidding not really
Whatever works YouTube
Whatever works YouTube Prije 2 mjeseci
HOW IS DANGER ZONE NOT A 10/10?!?! ?!?!?! ?!?!?
sempo Po
sempo Po Prije 2 mjeseci
funny but i knew Sylvester Stallone's name as RAMBO for about a decade. 😄😅.. feel so stupid right now -.-
David Ferrand
David Ferrand Prije 2 mjeseci
How about every Beatles movie?
Books are cool ❤️
Books are cool ❤️ Prije 2 mjeseci
Also no time to die
Yash Noolkar
Yash Noolkar Prije 2 mjeseci
Young Sylvester Stallone looks soo much like Davie504
Leo Duncan
Leo Duncan Prije 2 mjeseci
it is a background song thats the point of the song if it was meant to be its own thing it wouldn't be in the film cos its not meant to take away from the film
nicola clifford
nicola clifford Prije 2 mjeseci
I believe that the hotdogs go onnnnnn
Benjamin Lowery
Benjamin Lowery Prije 2 mjeseci
If they did Sunflower it would have absolutely destroyed it's competition in this vid
Deborah Wilder
Deborah Wilder Prije 2 mjeseci
Why did it take me over 9 minutes to realize that there weren’t just random fish in several movies? 🤦‍♀️
Speccy Films
Speccy Films Prije 2 mjeseci
"I'm gonna love me again" by Elton John for rocketman was a great song that should have been included
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Prije 2 mjeseci
Why is the song not funny? I don’t understand it Hmm could it be just not meant to be funny?🤔🤔
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Prije 2 mjeseci
How can see you again not be 10?!?!?
Lacey Leduc
Lacey Leduc Prije 2 mjeseci
Could you do Suicide Squad
b Prije 2 mjeseci
M N Prije 2 mjeseci
Are you really 34. you look so young. hat is your secret? Love your uploads.
Ava Correll
Ava Correll Prije 2 mjeseci
Me watching this video Also me: roomie Finallyyy MADE A VIDEO ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE JUST ABOUT MuSiC 🎶 LOL
unrelated songs that I think sound similar
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