Singers crying on stage (EMOTIONAL)

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These performances HITS YOU IN THE FEELS!!

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Singers crying on stage (EMOTIONAL)

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RoomieOfficial Prije 4 mjeseci
Hey gang, we tried being a little bit harsh in this video try to make the video as funny as it could be. After seeing comments and re-evaluating how some things came across I felt we missed the mark a few times, and I've edited the video to reflect that (changes should be processed soon by youtube soon). Thanks for pointing it out, I appreciate it and never want anyone to feel bad watching my videos (which was the whole reason we tried to make this a more funny video to begin with instead of just reveling in sadness). Appreciate you all, and take care ❤
Hyper Galaxy 2004 (MIUI)
Hyper Galaxy 2004 (MIUI) Prije mjesec
Hi Roomie
Nana Rugg
Nana Rugg Prije 2 mjeseci
Don't worry bro it ok
Gus Major
Gus Major Prije 3 mjeseci
@Bobby Maximiliano I would suggest Flixzone. Just google for it =)
Bobby Maximiliano
Bobby Maximiliano Prije 3 mjeseci
I realize it's kind of randomly asking but does anyone know of a good website to stream new tv shows online ?
tammy helms
tammy helms Prije 4 mjeseci
@RoomieOfficial I thought it was funny no worries
R.J. Penfold
R.J. Penfold Prije 4 dana
I can't remember if he ever did but I assume he did. (Cry, I mean.) I grew up Christian/Baptist and Steven Curtis Chapman was one of the first musicians I can ever really remember listening to. He wrote a song called _Cinderella_ I think which was for his youngest adopted daughter, about cherishing parenthood because when they go off and start families on their own, it's like they aren't your little baby anymore. Unfortunately, she passed away quite young in a freak vehicle accident, and not only did he never want to sing the song anymore, Chapman nearly gave up singing because he was so hurt. He decided his daughter wouldn't want that and kept singing. I'm not sure how often he sang _Cinderella_ after that, but I"ve literally started sobbing typing this up because it's just so so tragic.
Matthew Hayek
Matthew Hayek Prije 8 dana
Thank you Joel for getting me through when I was sick I can do nothing I am bored and feel very bad thank
Aditya Singh
Aditya Singh Prije 18 dana
bts` young forever was sad
lucy !
lucy ! Prije 21 dan
the landslide performance aw
lucy !
lucy ! Prije 21 dan
god ariana is so strong
erin bush
erin bush Prije 25 dana
9:47 why does Jonas sound like a fan girl?
Grayson Prije 27 dana
it literally hurt my soul to see the one direction one again
Smaragda Mylona
Smaragda Mylona Prije mjesec
What song Rihanna was singing?
taelok Prije mjesec
13:23 when MJ rubs his fingers together, he's trying to cope with emotional trauma with physical distractions... I'd have to give that a 100% genuine on that one. That's right up there with when people rub the bridge of their nose to deal with stress.
Snowy animation
Snowy animation Prije mjesec
The Josh Daniel part really got me in tears
manuela oliveira
manuela oliveira Prije mjesec
U should check out first man performance by Camila cabello
manuela oliveira
manuela oliveira Prije mjesec
The all too well performance was not for show tho bc it’s known to be one of her most emotional songs and the first time she smiled while performing that song was ab like five years after she released it, and she always pauses at that part before she sings again
I took your hat /deku simp
I took your hat /deku simp Prije mjesec
At 4:21 I got chills when she held the Mic to the audience
TheNessa198 Prije mjesec
Did Selena Gomez whisper 'Thank you Justin'?
Melina Christensen
Melina Christensen Prije mjesec
Halsey crying at her concert after finding out G-Eazy cheated on her will forever be the saddest moment. She literally sings a song about not being good enough.
J Mac
J Mac Prije 2 mjeseci
Some of these are just contrived and fake. Gaga made me cringe. She seems very fake, unfortunately.
Sabrina Lavallo
Sabrina Lavallo Prije 2 mjeseci
17:20 Not only was Gaga talking about her fame and stardom, but she was raped at 19...maybe that could also have been what she meant.
thomasennaa Prije 2 mjeseci
Should have added American idol Kelly Clarkson singing piece by piece to the list
Julius Franklin
Julius Franklin Prije 2 mjeseci
I liked the video it made me cry but how they laughing on emotional parts i didn't like bc they have emotional heart when they cried and teared they hearts out doesn't mean you don't have emotions like them doesn't mean to set there and laugh you a holes😡 dislike
number5killedmybrother Prije 2 mjeseci
I dont get that people criticise taylor swift for writing song about her ex. I actually respect her for being able to write abt such personal things.
ALEWARNA2004 Prije 2 mjeseci
Dude you should've put the One More Light performane by Linkin Park in Monza
katt müller
katt müller Prije 2 mjeseci
zayn quit 1d because of the management, he did a interview with zayn lowe and talked about it.
Gaming with us
Gaming with us Prije 2 mjeseci
"don't hate us hate Sweden" - jonas 2021
Zykhira 09
Zykhira 09 Prije 3 mjeseci
I feel like they should have added more Ariana grande emotional moments when making the video
Adebimpe Idowu
Adebimpe Idowu Prije 3 mjeseci
I’m literally crying right now.I wish I got to meet MJ before he died.I love him🥺🥺
Jacjac Prije 3 mjeseci
Just listened to Lil Pitchy and the song hit me harder than I thought, def sounds like a typical break up with a narcissist which is hard when you love them... Anyways, binge watching your entire channel hahaha. Some of these songs make me sad too
Kassidy Frye
Kassidy Frye Prije 3 mjeseci
I think why Miley was crying because of her divorce
Chloe H
Chloe H Prije 3 mjeseci
I think the performance that made cry the most while watching was the One Love Manchester memorial concert, I was at the bombing and the memorial one they are so heart breaking and PTSD is a real thing if you've been in a situation anything like that I feel for u
Sacred Light
Sacred Light Prije 3 mjeseci
" I was expecting Kesha's performance from the Grammys here "
Jennie Kitten
Jennie Kitten Prije 3 mjeseci
There's a lot of dislikes here and I agree with some of the comments here on why they disliked this video.
jimmy akshat tv
jimmy akshat tv Prije 3 mjeseci
Seeing Taylor swift cry I cry donno why..but I am a big swiftie
Dannie Claire Pate
Dannie Claire Pate Prije 3 mjeseci
Hi Joel and Jonas. I'm a moonwalker so I'll answer ur questions. Michael Jackson was singing "she's out of my life" its about a woman leaving him I believe. So it probably is a very emotional song for him especially because of what he was going through his whole life. Anyway thax for the vid and I love ur guys humor u guys r really funny and u make my day. God bless. 😂😊🙏🏻
Kristle Berry
Kristle Berry Prije 3 mjeseci
Laila Mahomed
Laila Mahomed Prije 3 mjeseci
I hate that I'm 3 weeks late and got a cut and edited version of the video
Melon&Milk&Ice Prije 3 mjeseci
You guys are sooooo swedish lol
Carissa Bamlet
Carissa Bamlet Prije 3 mjeseci
I cry when I sing frequently. Music is so beautiful! I could never be a performer.
arianator Prije 3 mjeseci
they made me laugh instead of crying 😂😂😭
_SunnyBee_ Prije 3 mjeseci
lol I don't believe MJ was actually crying for that one. To my knowledge, he did that little act almost every time throughout the dangerous tour (not sure about the others) and the "can I come down there" thing was something he just did to make his fans (mainly the female) freak out
Aunt Shoe
Aunt Shoe Prije 3 mjeseci
The most emotional performance I've ever seen was back in 2014 when Korn was doing their 20th anniversary tour and they performed Daddy. It's a really hard song to listen to as it is in the studio recording, but watching Jon Davjs break down on stage was nearly impossible to watch.
lilyrose mitchell
lilyrose mitchell Prije 3 mjeseci
This is in no way a criticism about the comments saying they are being too harsh. You might really struggle in certain places in Europe, the UK and Ireland. We have gallows humour and it's really dark and really harsh. It's just how we are, it's not meant to be mean, it's just how we make light of really dark subjects. (We literally sit at a wake with the body and drink and make jokes). So if you are travelling, be aware of this and prepare yourself for it.
sashaluvsyeww Prije 3 mjeseci
Billie Eilish performing "I love you" after her breakup hit me the hardest out of any of the performances i've witnessed recently
Nicolas Bocchino
Nicolas Bocchino Prije 3 mjeseci
I don’t like Ariana Grande’s music or her voice, but her organizing that Manchester concert takes a hell of a lot of courage and restraint to be able to sing and sing well. Props to her.
Baeji Ploshp
Baeji Ploshp Prije 3 mjeseci
JennyApostolos Prije 3 mjeseci
next video request: "Inappropriate songs to play at a funeral."
Ronggrik Marak
Ronggrik Marak Prije 3 mjeseci
How could you guys missed out on Kelly Clarkson's performance (piece by piece) on American Idol?!!
MrGhettokid1994 Prije 3 mjeseci
I'm surprised that Big Sean one wasn't on here.
Leah Parry
Leah Parry Prije 3 mjeseci
I would check out We Three's first audition on America's Got Talent. Similar thing with regards to what was said about audition shows but I'm willing to put money on the fact that you won't get through without crying.
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence Prije 3 mjeseci
Next time if this topic is done again you should bring on someone who is empathic to these types of emotions or even just someone from another country where it is normal to be so personal in public to get a balanced perspective! I hope this doesn’t ruin this kind of topic for you guys cause I did enjoy the content just the premise needs a little tweak
Michayla Lawrence
Michayla Lawrence Prije 3 mjeseci
I know it’s a jokey video and I bet if I read the pinned comment this is clarified but I think the explanation Jonas gave on the line “I’m jealous that you’re happy without me” was taken too literally as definitely taken from a very very healthy mindset on someone passing away. Which is a great thing ngl but as someone who’s been both the person, almost, lost and the one who lost someone death is our peace. Happy not to hurt anymore and all. And now im crying 🥲
Donna Silvio
Donna Silvio Prije 3 mjeseci
Josh Daniels. He makes me cry every time. More so now that I've also lost my best friend very suddenly & without warning. I've watched the entire clip, which includes more of his story offstage as well as all of what happened after he performed. Even Simon cried afterwards bc he'd just lost his mom I believe, or someone close to him. I know how Talent Shows work, thanks to your video sometime awhile back, but I think a lot of the stuff surrounding Josh's performance was fairly genuine. Just my opinion, even before losing my friend.
Alvaro Gonzalez
Alvaro Gonzalez Prije 3 mjeseci
Bieber is in every video 😂😂😂
Amber Slater
Amber Slater Prije 3 mjeseci
That xfactor audition and ari concert back from the bomb always get me every time
Valérie Godhue
Valérie Godhue Prije 3 mjeseci
Hahaha I like how the crying can be 40% fake and 60% real!!
Nathania Scott
Nathania Scott Prije 3 mjeseci
“Rihanna’s fans sound horrible” Wait till you hear us singing at your concerts Lil Pitchy!
Марија Ђорђевић
Марија Ђорђевић Prije 3 mjeseci
Sweedish people are considered to be cold, also Joel, you look similar to Harry and you are jerks
sharonstonts Prije 3 mjeseci
What? No Kelly Clarkson on American idol singing Piece by Piece? THE most emotional performance I have ever seen.
Khushi Shah
Khushi Shah Prije 3 mjeseci
Kishore kumar somgs reaction
Khushi Shah
Khushi Shah Prije 3 mjeseci
Hindi gujarati songs are best
Khushi Shah
Khushi Shah Prije 3 mjeseci
Reaction to indian somgs
Cerys Cole
Cerys Cole Prije 3 mjeseci
Awww i missed jonas!
Dristi Samaddar
Dristi Samaddar Prije 4 mjeseci
Not Zayn...Not Zayn
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan Prije 4 mjeseci
Omg that was emotional Ariana have been through a lot
Jax Ana
Jax Ana Prije 4 mjeseci
I actually cried on Ariana’s part. That experience is traumatizing..
Kevin Macaulay
Kevin Macaulay Prije 4 mjeseci
I need Jonas on my room like for yesterday, such a man
Selena Yates
Selena Yates Prije 4 mjeseci
The only one I felt was emotional was the one with Selena Gomez breakup one. The one with Ariana would have been if I was there maybe. And some of these were just funny.
Mauranne De Bleser
Mauranne De Bleser Prije 4 mjeseci
Next time you can add the clip of Louis Tomlinson crying when he sang ''just hold on'' on X-factor around the time his mother had passed away.
Luyaba A
Luyaba A Prije 4 mjeseci
A lot of this is sarcasm, and people - per usual, miss it.
Jazhyia Griffin
Jazhyia Griffin Prije 4 mjeseci
Not me crying to the one last time part
Mountain Harpie
Mountain Harpie Prije 4 mjeseci
Y'all don't give Gaga enough credit.... just sayin🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
Ej Sierra
Ej Sierra Prije 4 mjeseci
I was hoping Shawn Mendes would vie in this and got super happy when I saw him XD
Timmy Ditchfield
Timmy Ditchfield Prije 4 mjeseci
Who knew all you had to do was ask for people to not dislike your video and they wouldn't
pervaiz Khalid
pervaiz Khalid Prije 4 mjeseci
Zayn's last 1D concert. I'm crying
bel xo
bel xo Prije 4 mjeseci
The Weeknd Coachella 2018!!! Please
White castle in snow-white loneliness
White castle in snow-white loneliness Prije 4 mjeseci
This is the most laughable video by far 😆 Thx
Michael Mobey
Michael Mobey Prije 4 mjeseci
Jonas Frisk?? Dude! Where the heck have you been bro? Amazing seeing Jonas again. Jumping to your channel immediately. Oh and Hi Roomie! Thanks for having him on! Keep the amazing content flowing bro! I've got a lot of catching up to do it seems!
lil quicki
lil quicki Prije 4 mjeseci
For the Josh daniel one I cried to
Megan Kaz
Megan Kaz Prije 4 mjeseci
The one where he sang ‘Jealous’ made me cry the first time I watched it 😢
Vegan Atheist- Coral
Vegan Atheist- Coral Prije 4 mjeseci
Honestly shocked. Piece by Piece sung by Kelly Clarkson on the American Idol Finale wasn't there. Literally my go to cry song. Sung beautifully, deeply personal, and everything
Bryn Birchler
Bryn Birchler Prije 4 mjeseci
Demi performing Anyone live and the Kelly Clarkson performance on American Idol of Piece by Piece - I bawled during those
Zach LLV
Zach LLV Prije 4 mjeseci
Only at the Lady GaGa part rn, but just to clarify her record label let her go right before that performance about her fans being more important than drugs
DKB BESTIE Prije 4 mjeseci
The Ariana one made me cry
עדי רתם
עדי רתם Prije 4 mjeseci
7:21 that’s not emotional? you have the hear the real story about the song
Carla Mollica
Carla Mollica Prije 4 mjeseci
awe harry :'
Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus
Imperator Caesar Divi Filius Augustus Prije 3 dana
“Or Harry: A
Eliška Pátková
Eliška Pátková Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm crying with you Zee
Jasmin Blabla
Jasmin Blabla Prije 4 mjeseci
Video idea: Make a video just using things in one room of your choice (bathroom/ kitchen/ bedroom/ ...) but not your recording room. Ob course you can use your microphone and laptop etc.
Almog Azoulay
Almog Azoulay Prije 4 mjeseci
I needed Corey Taylor's Snuff performance to be here
Isa Draven
Isa Draven Prije 4 mjeseci
X-Japan preforming Endless Rain live (the first video when you search it up) always makes me emotional cause the band is crying (and I don’t even listen to X-Japan). Especially since knowing hide (guitarist) died about a year later (no one knows wether it was suicide or an accident), and how many people where lined up on the street as the car with his casket passed (if I remember it right) crying and literally collapsing. Several thousand people where at his funeral and there were fans committing suicide. It’s so god damn heartbreaking.
Miri W
Miri W Prije 4 mjeseci
Can somebody help me with that demi Lovato song like what it's called like?🙏
Miri W
Miri W Prije 4 mjeseci
But thanks though😂
Miri W
Miri W Prije 4 mjeseci
Oh I actually figured it out it's nightingale
Aaron Prakash
Aaron Prakash Prije 4 mjeseci
I love me I guess???
Stephanie Ann
Stephanie Ann Prije 4 mjeseci
Simon cowell got emotional because he lost his mom like a week before. I feel like simon wouldn't have gotten emotional if it wasn't for his mom's passing since he's usually a stone wall lol
Marie Reisslandt
Marie Reisslandt Prije 4 mjeseci
bellagab3 Prije 4 mjeseci
Imagine being that girl hugging Michael Jackson. She probably got in trouble but it would be so worth it
Christie Neutz
Christie Neutz Prije 4 mjeseci
When the guy in X Factor sang about his friend passing away made me cry cuz I had a friend pass away at the beginning if last year. I never knew what true pain felt like until then. I still can't believe hes gone and I'm never gonna see him again. Now that I've had someone close to me that died stuff about people passing away hits much differently to me now. 😥😥😥
ShadowolfNewZealand Prije 4 mjeseci
Please can you two do more vids together. Joel, jonas, yuss!
ShadowolfNewZealand Prije 4 mjeseci
Joels eyes did get moist during the x factor performance. Respect. So did I. No I didnt (ok I did)
Zieniam Prije 4 mjeseci
Jessie J crying to her song. You should really listen.
Jadeine Bonfoey
Jadeine Bonfoey Prije 4 mjeseci
Every time I see Josh Daniel's video or Ariana Grande's at One Love Manchester makes me cry like a damn baby
notourz Prije 4 mjeseci
"She seems unstable" Demi has gone through a lot to fair to assume so, and I say that with love and understanding
Muhd Danish
Muhd Danish Prije 4 mjeseci
12:48 my waifu Mother Russia
Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman
Eloise a happy Hard of Hearing woman Prije 4 mjeseci
Video: Zayn last 1D concert. Me: oh god now im gonna cry awwww all of the boys were crying that night Come back 1D. Directioner hearts breaking and crying.
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